Rules Don’t Apply Trailer sets cinema record

Fox Searchlight are celebrating this weekend as UK cinemas see the Warren Beatty trailer screen across the country for a 4th consecutive month. Since commencing its roll-out on New Year’s Day with A Monster Calls’ feature release, the trailer, which runs 90 seconds, has been screened before such acclaimed features as Moonlight, La La Land, Fences and Hidden Figures and looks set to continue its run with the release of demographically-similar films like The Sense Of An Ending and Their Finest in the coming weeks.

Whilst it isn’t unheard of for trailers to continue a run in cinemas for up to 3 months if they are big studio blockbusters, this little trailer that could seems to be the sleeper hit advertisement of the year, and Fox Searchlight will be looking to team up again with Beaty, who serves as director, producer and star along with a cast that includes Grace And Frankie’s Martin Sheen, Ireland’s second son Matthew Broderick and Lily Collins’ eyebrows, for further trailers in the future. Other studios are reportedly gearing up their off-season greypound pleasant Sunday afternoon movie trailers to launch with The Fate Of The Furious this coming week in an effort to get the word out and see similar sustained runs over the summer season, but for now it appears that there is no stopping Rules Don’t Apply’s UK cinema domination, as the feature adaptation is tentatively pencilled in for a release ‘sometime, maybe, soon’ from Searchlight UK.


The Best Films Of 2015 So Far!

We are somehow half-way through the year of our Lord Xenu 2015 and never has there been so many great movies put out by the wonderful film studios that tell us how to live our lives, love our loves and watch our watches. We saw an apocalyptic road movie, a super-powered action movie and, oddly, a holiday destination overtaken by extinct beings, but there’s also been a treasure trove of quality films. I’m excited to take you on a journey of the best films of this half-year (NO DEBATING!)

5. Rocky Mountain High

RockyMountainHighSlightly hurt on release when similar events happened only 4 days out of opening weekend, this romp around a mountain climbing high school’s stoner-social infrastructure in the middle of an avalanche of gummi bears seemed destined to be forgettable nonsense from the first EVV spread to the TV spots, but the film managed to find heart in the hemp. A messy third act couldn’t stop the laughs a-coming and the surprisingly brutal gummi-deaths from bringing audiences to their knees. A sequel is in development, although Taylor Kitsch says he doesn’t intend to return to the franchise after a run in with director Herve Sebastian-Stanley-Wittington outside a Dave & Busters in January.

4. Snatched Courage: The Leaf DeVergent Story

SnatchedCourageThere’s not many great biopics out there, everything has to fit a streamlined structure, dramatic moments are shoe-horened in unlike real life, so it was a surprise that famed hang-gliding bank-robber Leaf DeVergent’s autobiography adaptation would be as avant de-Garde (ahem) as it is. Writer-director Leslie McMahon Quevanzhenie Wallishawn brings her trademarked narrative empathy into a big studio project, and like Jesus Of Alabama and The Many Suits In My Closet, Snatched Courage hits the humanity of Leaf way before we fly into epic hang-gliding bank-robbing set-pieces. It may be a touch over 3 hours long, but to tell the story of a great human like Leaf we need to sit through the 40 minute piano lesson/child abuse one-take improvised scene. As I said in my review back in March “This film stole more than the studio’s finances last June, it also stole my heart. And for that, I demand it never go to jail again!” Oh I am witty.

3. Rascals 4

Rascals4There’s something in the water over at Paramax, each time they announce a Rascals movie we collectively sigh and complain, wasn’t the last one a suitable enough franchise-ending story? and then each time one comes out we unite and love what they do to the tale of three wise-cracking New York cops mysteriously flown to the Sahara, trying to find their way back. It doesn’t matter that each film has the exact same plot, or that the only difference between each one is they recast the black guy, it’s always funny and fresh and original.

2. Untitled Michael Caine Lee Tamahori Romance Project

LeeTamahoriThe rise of Nicholas Sparks to the role of president of the United States Of Sparksmerica has meant a real void in paperback romance novels that can be adapted, so when Werner Bros announced their plans to write an original love story and turn it to a film BEFORE releasing the novel version, we were all confused at the process. The eventual film, released without a final title, or effects, colour timing, audio mixing, any form of editing or much dialogue that wasn’t improvised is a sight to behold, somehow infuriatingly inept and yet gloriously truthful about the human condition, the ways of love and the difficulties in making something original, which is why we all want adaptations or remakes instead. So much simpler. A triumphant effort. Unwatchably inspired.

1. The Bleeborks: The Movie! in What Happened To Sofiebork?

BleeborksThe second movie for The Bleeborks brings the TV show’s beloved cast back, with the exception of Samantha Mortonantivirus’ Sofiebork, whose drunken antics on EVV’s red carpet last year shunned her from Hollywood forever and a day, and this time the focus is on the family dog Dogbork. Dogbork’s real family come in from a parallel universe to ‘bark’ him to join their family again, but will Dogbork go to his original family or stay with his new family, who have loved him for 8 seasons and a hit feature already?

I think the announcement of the third movie “The Bleeborks: The Movie! in Dogbork Is Still In The Series” gives us a hint. In the words of the alien-family’s mutant canarybaby, ‘Let us play on until the fat lady sings’. Classic Canarybabybork.

Well, that’s it for this half-year. Now go and watch the government-mandated 3 films a week for another 6 months and we’ll re-convene to see how the rest of the year holds up. And remember, if you don’t like a film, don’t EVER say so online, we will find you and we will disassociate you from your torso – The Government

Entourage… The Movie Version; Entourage

Bros from all places, all ages, all genders, the movie adaptation of HBO’s hit comedy ‘Entourage’ has officially hit US shores, and is doing so well they’re already talking about how to raise the capital to try and make a second film just for fans again, and like all good humans the brosts of Yellin’ ‘Bout Ellin have seen the movie, and found time from talking about it privately to talk about it publicly.

So here we are.

Andrew in England.

Nick in Hollyweird Californ-I-A.

The audio can be choppy but the information is solid, the bits are saturated and spoilers are here, so be warned if you’ve yet to experience the acclaimed motion picture.

It’s all been leading up to this.

Now what?

Check out the show on iTunes and the Stitcher Radio app.

Yellin’ ‘Bout Ellin: The Final Seasons of Entourage

Nothing like the end of a long-running series to get the biggest cameos, moments and Drama beats you can, and Entourage, and by definition Yellin’ ‘Bout Ellin: An All Encompassing Look At HBO’s Hit Comedy ‘Entourage’ By Bro’s, For Bro’s, nails it square in the eye in seasons 7 and 8, 2 disks a-piece that house 18 episodes of the show, lovingly discussed in the audio bars below.

But as we await the movie in mere weeks there’s a lot to talk about, like…

Maybe which Ghostbuster each Raj’ member is?

That could be an ep.

Or, how about a karaoke of each song on the soundtrack?


But, things may be slowing down now the show is over, but there’s a level of detail that went into crafting the podcast that we as hosts wish to share with you. We didn’t just re-watch every episode of Entourage (In some cases we didn’t have time so rushed maybe Season 7 disk 2 a little too much) but we chronicled them in insanely specific spreadsheet details, and we wish to prove that we did something with our lives by posting the data here, a sort-of read-along companion to the shows.

Entourage Metadata

As you can see we had ideas to work with that never came to fruition (The show was also planned as a 3-times-a-week cast, one ep per ep, but the first ep record ran 40 mins and not 5 like planned, so Nick and I scratched that and went for looser collections, but just know each ep’s release dates and days until the movie from October were there, and in insane detail.

Now for the finale of the podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Stitcher and, easily, below:

Season 7

Disk 1

Disk 2

Season 8

Disk 1

Disk 2

Thanks for listening, hanging and yellin’, now onwards and to the movie!


Yellin’ ‘Bout Ellin – Seasons 4-6

Nick Torres and Andrew Jones cast many pods into the sea as the build-up to Entourage… The Movie Version; Entourage prepares to hit cinemas, not just a detailed look at the second poster and trailer, but nailing Seasons 4, 5 and 6 over the last few months.


You can hear the episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher Radio, and check out the hot viral clip made for youtube success:

The Second Trailer:

Season 4

Disk 1

Disk 2

Disk 3

Season 5

Disk 1

Disk 2

Disk 3

Season 6

Disk 1 (Plus exclusive Adrian Premiere competition)

Disk 2

Disk 3 (With special guest Liam Neeson)

Now only a month until the feature film, we enter the home stretch, 4 more disks, 2 more seasons, and maybe some preview, review, set reports, interviews, soundtrack discussion, cast news and even more Yellin’ ’bout Doug Ellin than anyone could possibly need.


Yellin’ ‘Bout Ellin Does Entourage Season 3

We’ve already presented the first few episodes in the podcast that dares to examine every episode of HBO’s hit comedy ‘Entourage’ in excruciating detail, but the minds of Andrew Jones and Nick Torres have just completed the longest season of Doug Ellin and Mark Wahlberg’s show, season 3, which ran 20 episodes over 2 parts, equating to 5 disks in 2 boxsets as the show lays out.
You can find every episode so far on iTunes and Soundcloud, and more episodes will be coming up every Monday-or-so until the release of the future hit movie Entourage (No colon The Movie) but if you’ve yet to pack up your Queen’s apartment and make the move to LA, now’s a good time to begin your journey.
Season 3
Part 1

Disk 1

Disk 2

Disk 3

Part 2

Disk 1

Disk 2

Oh yeah…

Yellin’ ‘Bout Ellin Season 3 Part 1 Disk 2

A mouthful of a title, for sure, but here we are, a 35 minute slice of Entourage discussion over the episodes “Crash And Burn”, “Three’s Company”, “Strange Days” and “The Release”, but of course Andrew and Nick go deeper than any other show, sometimes so far into Entourage that they can’t even see the original episodes from the metatextual deconstructions. Every episode so far is found on iTunes.


Here is the latest episode. Get ready, Season 3 has a long way to go, and many classic episodes of both the show and the podcast are yet to come this month.