BlogAlongaMuppets: The Muppets

Well, February 2012 has come around and 3 months after America, the UK gets to see Oscar nominee The Muppets, but, was it worth going through all those films prior?

End Of Blog.

You’ve heard all you can about The Muppets by now. Beaker this, Fozzie that, what else is on TV?

Oh, well, there’s House on Fox:

Also on Fox, New Girl (Is she adorkable, really?)

CBS’ big hit remains The Big Bang Theory:

And finally How I Met Your Mother:

And a special bonus, here are some Muppets in the week’s other big releases:

Thanks for reading these past few months, now go live your own Happy Song, and bring the third greatest gift to the first greatest gift, along with the second greatest gift. Yeah, I want some of number 2 right now. Chocolate and praline. Yum.

Peace out.

Also, Breaking Bad once more:


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