Yellin’ ‘Bout Ellin Does Entourage Season 2 & The Feature Trailer

Your new podcast fix has gone through every episode of the second season of Entourage, divided by disk on home release. Now on iTunes for your listening pleasure, here are the eps for browser enjoyment.

So Disk 1 has 5 stunning episodes, like Neighbors (US spelling), Aquamansion and My Maserati Does 185, all dissected and completely redefined by the brosts (Bro-hosts).

Disk 2 has classics like The Sundance Kids and I Love You Too (Starring the lovable lads from Liverpool).

Disk 3 ends the season with eps like Exodus (Gods & Kings) and The Abyss. Naturally this episode takes the darker, more story approach of the show and recreates it with fast, detailed podcasting. No fat to trim.

Upon the film’s trailer launch the guys got together to examine the posters and the trailer in excruciating detail, working out potential plots for the bro’s.

And now we begin with the epic, 20-ep, 5-disk Season 3, Disk 1 with GOAT One Day in the Valley among others is looked at in detail.

Next week, Disk 2, and more fun. Oh yeah.

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