The Encampment Diaries – First Week


First Week

It’s been a week since settling into doing focused, complete work on this project, and because I’m me, my body has been fighting a flu that’s not left me for the last month, really. Sod’s law, try to do something, but my world is all about failing before you even begin. An omen? Probably. I left the house one night to catch a film that was better than most this year so far, so there’s a positive.

I look to find a balance between the ups and downs, it’s important in life to find equal, lest one shouldn’t keep going, right? In this sense – Being sick, unable to focus, body shaking = Very bad, but Good movie – Positive, Casting an actor – Very good, so it’s balanced.


I cast an actor this week. The last major one, actually. There’s spottings of smaller roles, a few pages at best, but the core is found and now the messy part comes, finding ways to get people in a room with me to record clearly, and direct in my way of being socially awkward, hard to talk to but specific in what I want, even if I like the performer trying other things out too.


This week also saw a viral-ish tweet, so that’s something. A quick photoshop launched 3 different sites to write articles. I mean, if any actual, hard-worked material could do that, we’d be crispy. As it stands, Tarantino jokes are the best we’ll get in this world of fast-moving emptiness that is the internet.


Here’s hoping week 2 might have me feeling better, and maybe drawing some character concepts. I’m feeling like I could make one scene as a test by April’s end. That’d be rad. But boy do I feel out of it right now. A bad start to a hopeful project.

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